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2024 Registration

Dear Official:


Greetings and Welcome to the 2024 season.  Your board has been holding monthly meetings in preparation for the upcoming season.  Keep a look out for emails and check our Unit website for meeting dates and other updates.


REGISTRATION FORM: The Registration Form is posted on the Unit’s website and can automatically be completed and submitted through the website.  All members must complete a new application.

MEMBERSHIP DUES:  The basic 2024 Dues for ‘veteran officials’ will be  $150.   Payment is due by 5/31/24 (postmarked).  For 1st Year (‘Rookie’) officials, working Girls’ Flag and/or Boys’ Tackle football, the Dues for 2024 will be $100.

LATE FEE: If paid on 6/01/2024 or later, Dues for ‘veteran’ officials will be $175 ($25 ‘late fee’).  There is no ‘late fee’ for 1st Year officials.

DUES: Checks or Money Orders should be made out to: CFOA, Long Beach Unit and mailed to: KEN AY, 5058 Premiere Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712.

You can also pay your Dues by Cash or through the Unit’s VENMO account.  The VENMO account is ‘@Ken-Ay-1’ (with a picture of a football game).


CREW MEMBER DUES: If an official is a member of a Long Beach crew, that official must pay their Dues by 6/30/24 (postmarked).  If not, that official is removed from their crew.


ASSIGNMENT FEES: For Tackle Football, the assignment fees will remain $5.00 per Varsity game and $4.00 per non-Varsity game (i.e. Frosh; JV).  For Flag Football, the assignment fees will be $4.00 per game, regardless of level.  The $4.00 will include $3.00 to the Assignor and $1.00 back to the Unit to help offset the administrative costs associated with the Flag program.


ALL meetings are considered ‘Instructional’ meetings.  To be Qualified, an official must receive a minimum of 18 hours of instruction (21 hours for 1st year officials).  Members are encouraged to attend all meetings.  Qualified officials can work Tackle and/or Flag games.


HUDL: If you are new to the Unit, contact Robin Hall at (click on email) to get a HUDL account.

TESTING DATES: TBD.  All testing will be done on-line through the Arbiter Testing site.


You will not be assigned any games until your Registration Form is submitted and your Dues have been received.




SPLIT MEMBERS: Officials belonging to two Units (‘Split Members’) who expect assignments from Long Beach MUST: (1) take and pass the Classification Exam with the Long Beach Unit, and (2) attend at least 10 hours of the mandatory 18 hours of classroom instruction with the Long Beach Unit.


On behalf of your Board of Directors, we hope you and your family stay SAFE & HEALTHY.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  Best wishes for a GREAT 2024 season.


Ken Ay



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2024 Registration

2024 Registration

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Ken Ay Secretary-Treasurer


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