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High School football in the Long Beach area football produces many Division 1 players, and the Long Beach Football Officials’ Association (LBFOA) produces many top-flight officials who go on to officiate in college and the NFL. If you’re enthusiastic about football, then officiating is an excellent outlet.  Earn good money, give back to a sport you love, and develop an avocation with a chance to advance to the highest level. High school football in Southern California is some of the best in the nation. We think Long Beach football officials match that level of excellence.


What Type of training will I receive?

The LBFOA, as a unit member of the California Football Officials Association, provides a training program for new and returning members. Members are required to receive 18 hours of instruction (21 for first-year members). Training classes tailored to 1st-year officials start in the Spring and continue through the season. Training includes classroom and Zoom meetings, as well as on-field instruction. Starting in May and going up to your first high school game in August, you will have many opportunities for on-field training. Learn from Veteran officials who teach both classroom and on-field training.

The association also meets at least six times before and during the season typically on Tuesday nights from July through August. Specific dates are announced in advance. These meetings are a combination of association business and instruction.  The instructional meetings cover rules such as Pass Interference, Holding, Personal Fouls, legal formations, etc.  On-field instruction focuses on proper positioning (mechanics) and what you should be looking at. 


New officials are also assigned a mentor to assist with questions and help to ease your way through the first season.

Where Will I Officiate?

LBFOA football officials work at local public and private school games throughout the Long Beach and Whittier areas.

With the start-up of girls flag football, games are played every day of the week. Most games are played in the afternoons and Saturday mornings. Varsity football games are typically played on Thursday and Friday evenings.


How Can I Begin Working Varsity Football Games?

Members who join LBFOA are trained to work games at the Varsity level. New officials who attend the required instructional meetings, pass the certification examinations, and work games at all levels will advance to officiate Varsity games. Additional opportunities to advance are available by attending as well as camps, clinics, and passing leagues participation. Additionally, the unit provides on-field.  During your first couple of seasons, attempt to work as many scrimmages, freshman, and JV games as you are assigned as well as youth-level games. You are also encouraged to “shadow” crews during evening varsity games. Be there for the pregame, possibly work the chains, observe from the sidelines, and be present for the postgame wrap-up.


Why Become A Football Official?

You need not be an ex-player or coach to become a great official and have a memorable officiating career.
Working around student-athletes at all levels of football is gratifying, plus you will develop lifelong friendships with other officials who share your passion for the game. Prior officiating experience is good but not required. Our training program will prepare you for an enjoyable and successful officiating career. Officiating football is also a great way to stay in shape, be a positive role model for student-athletes, retain your competitive edge, and earn income.


What is My Time Commitment?

As a first-year official, you’ll be expected to accrue at least 21 hours of training. Attend all training meetings, and study rules related to classroom discussions, and participate in on field clinics and scrimmages. There is a 100-question test that is geared to first-year officials. You will have multiple opportunities to get a passing grade of 80%. Testing is done online, and you can retake the tests as many times as you need to pass. There will be testing group study sessions that will help you pass the tests and begin to become familiar with the rules.

Freshman and JV level football games are scheduled Thursday through Saturday. The freshman and JV games begin around 3:00 pm and each game require your presence for 2 to 2.5 hours. Flag football games are generally played Mondays through Wednesdays and on Saturdays. As a first-year official, you have the opportunity to work  officiate games, and you’ll decide how much you want to work depending on your desire and availability and the number of available game assignments. During the season, you will be asked to work games in a variety of stadiums and schools throughout Long Beach. This distribution of games will help you become familiar with and receive training from many of our veteran officials.

Officiating is fun, it’s the best seat in the house, it’s rewarding, and the game doesn’t get played without us. Almost every LBFOA member regrets waiting to start training to become a football official. Don’t make their mistake and wait another season to start the process of becoming a Long Beach high school football official.

For more information please fill out the form below and a LBFOA Board Member will reach out to you!

Become an official today!


Ken Ay Secretary-Treasurer


Ready to join?
Here is some more information about becoming a member of the Long Beach Unit.

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